2014 Invictus Perseus 10th Anniversary

2014 Invictus

Celebrating our 10th anniversary, this is a blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec. Cellar this wine for up to 8 years, or enjoy the well structured tannins and earthy notes with a great steak this winter.

This wine bursts out of the bottle with concentrated aromas of black cherry, truffle and shades of pencil lead which lead into an opulent yet well structured wine of impressive complexity. Flavours here straddle both old world and new, with boysenberry, anise and dark chocolate hints.

The mouth-feel is all velvet with long, lingering tannins. Varietal: 42% Cabernet Franc, 38% Merlot, 13% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Malbec

Additional sizes available: 1.5L Magnum and 3.0L Double-Magnum – Contact Us

Winemaking: Invictus is our flagship blend and is the culmination of our finest barrels arduously selected in the winery. It boasts classic structure, depth, and complexity.

Cellaring: While friendly and approachable now; the structure of this wine will allow it to develop gracefully for 10+ years.

Price: 54.99
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