Charcuterie Board Tips and Tricks

charcuterie board at okanagan winery
A finished product!

Looking for your new favourite summer meal? Charcuterie boards are a great way to put out a casual (but beautiful) option for those summer evening get togethers. 

What you'll need:

  • A board (we love our branded ones from John Rousseau Designs in Summerland!)
  • Selection of proten
    • vegan cheeses are a great alternative to traditional dairy 
    • looking for a vegetarian protein? add an assortment of nuts or some grilled and sliced portobello mushrom
  • In season fruits and veggies (great for adding colour!)
  • Crackers and / or baguette
  • Dips - we love putting cups of hummus on our boards
  • Olives and other small 'fillers'
Glasses are always half full around here
Our glass is always half full around here

Start with your meats and cheeses - decide if you'd rather cut them into bit size pieces, or simply leave on the board with a knife beside them.

We suggest working from the edges of your board inwards, as these can provide a barrier for smaller objects that may roll off easier. 

Chop up your fruit and veggies and arrange in the middle of the board - don't forget to leave room for crackers or bread on the side!

If you find you do run out of room, crackers and baguette slices look great in a basket beside your board, 

Fill any empty spots in with nuts, dips, and olives! Either lay these out or put them in small bowls throughout the board. 

Our long table filled with boards in progress
Celebrating our boards with some wine!

Lastly, don't worry about getting everything on your board all at once! Keeping some prepped and put aside makes filling up the board throughout the evening easy. 



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