Profile Series - Erika Schiller

Welcome to our profile series! Over the next several weeks, we will be introducing you to all the beautiful women who make up the Perseus team. As much as we all take our work very seriously, we want you to see the fun side of us as well.

First up, here’s a sneak peek into the life of one of our sales superstars. 

Erika works on our Vancouver team - you can thank her for the ability to indulge in our wine at restaurants including Nomad Kitchen, The Cascade Room, Backstage Lounge and more. 

Check out her answers to our (of course) wine-esque questions below.

Erika Sales Team Vancouver Perseus Wine

How long have you been in the wine industry for?

2 years! How is that possible? It feels like forever (in a good way)!

What was the first wine you remember buying?

Probably Copper Moon? (face palm) I remember seeing that it was “from BC” and it was so cheap... if only I had known better!

What is your favourite memory while drinking wine?

How can I choose just one?! Wine helps create so many wonderful memories. But for now I’ll say celebrating so many wonderful friends’ weddings last summer is definitely in my top 5 favourite wine memories!

What is your go-to Perseus wine? Got a food pairing for it?

My go-to Perseus wine right now is the 2017 Rosé! Pair it with a meat and cheese charcuterie board, a sunset, and you’re good to go.

What do you do when you're not drinking (or selling) wine?

I play beach volleyball and love riding my bike along the sea wall. (Although sometimes I enjoy wine while doing these activities as well. 😉) I also work at @bufalayvr a few times a week - if you love pizza, be sure to come and say hi!


Thanks Erika! Swing by the blog next Friday to meet another member of our team

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